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NRA Certified Instructor - Iowa Concealed Carry
NRA Certified INstructor - Iowa Concealed Carry
Sight Right LLC

Des Moines' Premier Firearm Instruction!

Sight Right LLC's primary objective is promoting and educating the public on responsible and legal firearm ownership. We want our certified instructors to teach you gun safety, how to carry concealed in Iowa, armed self defense, the laws in Iowa that pertain to concealed carrying, how to apply for your Iowa concealed carry permit, how to renew your Iowa concealed permit, and how to create a personal home defense plan for personal safety and home security.

Whether you are new to firearms and want to learn gun safety, want to conceal and carry in Iowa for personal safety / armed defense or have been carrying concealed in Iowa for years, we invite you to take a Sight Right course. Our certified instructors can help keep you current on all new Iowa concealed carry laws.

Sight Right, LLC is a veteran owned business with a home based office located in the Des Moines Iowa metro area. We currently provide firearm instruction using certified instructors at various locations in and around the Des Moines Iowa metro area.

Our certified instructors goal is to provide the best possible training to our students.  Our Certified Instructors each have over 10 years of individual firearm instruction experience.  With a vast knowledge of gun safety, self defense techniques, and personal safety tips.  Sight Rights certified instructors conceal and carry on daily basis which provides real world experience most other companies can't provide in their  CCW classes.  We have partnered with the National Rifle Association (NRA), United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and Brownells to ensure that we provide the best firearm training and products to our students.

Our certified instructors all hold NRA Certified Instructor ratings.  Sight Rights NRA certified instructors provide NRA classes on gun safety.  One of the main courses we recommend is the NRA Home Firearm safety course.  This course is recommended for anybody that lives in a household were firearms are present.  The NRA Home Firearm Safety course qualifies by Iowa's concealed carry laws for applicants wanting to apply for the Iowa concealed carry permit.

Our certified instructors are also United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) affliate instructors which allows us to provide our students with one of the most robust courses on how to carry concealed in Iowa for personal safety and self defense.  Our United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) course also teaches home defense fundamentals and covers topics like gun safety and conceal carry laws.   This course is highly recommended to anybody that has an Iowa concealed carry permit (concealed weapon permit) or looking to get an Iowa concealed weapon permit.

Knowledge is your best weapon.
Preparation is your best defense.

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